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Hello world! This is the Golden Lifetree Project

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Golden Lifetree

Golden Lifetree is a worldwide multidisciplinary peace project which creates a connection through art to the soul. The Caravan of the Golden Lifetree moves around the world and stops in different countries. With various exhibitions and events it creates a platform for people to meet each other and nature freely and blissfully anew for a harmonious and conscious living together on planet Earth.“ – www.goldenlifetree.org


About crystal clear visions and blurry beginnings

In early 2013 i met Smoenjala, the initiator of the project, on La Gomera – the magnificent tiny treasure island of the Canarian archipelago when i was following some blurry dreams of a self-sustaining life. From the very first moment when Smoenjala told me about the peaceful vision of this wonderful project i fell in love and became a supporting co-creator from it’s very beginning. Many wonderful things have happened since! As a loving gardener i love to see the forest of the Golden Lifetree grow and blossom – and develope many beautiful and ripe fruits for everyone to enjoy!


„Since wars begin in the minds of people, peace also must be established in the minds of people.“ – From the constitution of UNESCO


My first video – ever – and i still love it!

So, back then in 2013 Smoenjala asked me to collaboratively create a video about the story of her life and how it lead to the vision of the Golden Lifetree project. I jumped right in without knowing anything, litterally ANYTHING about video production. But Smoenjala was okay with me „learning by doing“ and so i did. Luckily, it was her first video production, too, so we just went on discovering the matter on the go. In less then two weeks the first 8 minutes of this video were ready to be published. BIG HOORAY! And it turned out so nicely, that i still wonder how we managed to do it like this. 🙂

Please, enjoy this official presentation video of the Golden Lifetree project in the colourful variety of it’s facets. Also feel free to share this video and the vision of the Golden Lifetree and this way help to promote peace on this wonderfull Planet we call Earth.